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10 Great 3D Printable Christmas Gifts

Its the 20th of December, the stores are packed, and you haven't gone shopping for gifts. We have all been there, stressed out of our minds for fear of judgment by our families and friends.

Well hopefully this will help you finally put that dusty 3d printer to use.

These are ten 3d printable stocking stuffers for Christmas

1. Snow globe

This snow globe is a great Christmas tree decoration, and by adding a light to the centre, it allows the print to come alive. This simple print doesn't require any supports and is an ideal decoration to add to the collection.

  • Tree Decoration

  • Light

  • 3-12h print time depending on scaling

2. Lithophanes

Lithophanes are a great example of the incredible capability of 3D printing. Take any image and transform it into a solid. Whether its a globe, box, lampshade or Christmas tree decoration, as soon as you add light, you are sure to impress.

  • Decoration

  • Light

  • 3-12h print time depending on option chosen

3. Compact Cellphone Stand

This cellphone holder is a fully print in place model. Completely compact and can fit into a wallet. This is a really great quick to print gift, but be sure to use a slower print speed and 0.4mm nozzle at least to ensure that the print can unfold once complete

  • Practical

  • Compact

  • Gift

  • +-3h print time

4. PS4 Steering Device

If you enjoy racing games, but want that extra bit of immersion and fun, then this device is ideal. Fully 3D printable, with the addition of rubber bands for resistance, this will be sure to be a fun immersive experience for the whole family. This is currently available on PS4

  • Gaming

  • Family fun

  • +- 12h print time for all parts

5. Gift Box

If you already have a gift but are looking for a clever wrapping, then this gift lock box is ideal. The rotatable mechanism allows the box to be cleverly locked in a satisfying way. Printing the ribbon parts in different colour filament allows for a nice contrast in colour to the print.

  • Gift wrapping alternative

  • Mechanism

  • +-16h print time with 0.6mm nozzle

6. Pallet Coasters

These realistic looking mini pallet coasters are an ideal ice breaker for a dinner party. Designed to allow for a magnetic insert so that these can be stacked and stored easily.

When printed with wood PLA, and coated in varnish, these mini pallets really are great fun to look at.

  • Gift

  • Coaster

  • +-4h print time

7. Vase

When it comes to 3D printing gifts, sometimes simpler is better. This beautifully designed vase, printed in vase mode, allows you to provide a useful and aesthetically pleasing gift in a very short amount of time. It is often challenging to 3D print a decoration without it looking "3D Printed", but this design does great work of masking the layer lines with the external detail.

  • Planter

  • Gift

  • +-15h print time

8. Puzzle

Challenge your friends and family with a great puzzle. The traditional labyrinth puzzle is ideal to pass around and fidget with, and once complete allows for a very satisfying feeling. If you are looking for more of a challenge, then be sure to check out some of the remixes to this puzzle in the Thingiverse link below.

  • Fidget

  • Puzzle

  • +-5h print time

9. Sushi Maker

Do you have someone in mind that is an amateur chef. This allows you to easily make sushi in a variety of shapes. The sushi mold is a great easy print that works really well as a gift.

  • Food making gift

  • +-15h print time

10. Collapsible Lightsaber

If you are a Star Wars fan like many are, then this is one of the most impressive prints your can make. Printable in a single piece in minimal print time, this is ideal for you to fling around at your unsuspecting nieces and nephews.

  • Gift

  • Toy

  • +-10h print time

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