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How to get your idea made

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

There are many people out there harboring incredible ideas that can benefit mankind, but lack the know-how to make it a reality. It should be understood that great ideas can come from anyone, just because you aren't an engineer or a scientist does not mean that an idea cannot have some benefit. Each persons circumstance and perspective is different, and sometimes engineers get so caught up in the 'how' and tend to forget about the 'why' and 'who', like why it is necessary and who it can benefit.

Most of the time the hardest part is taking the first step because of the risk of investment. People also get demotivated from not being able to conceptualize the idea and giving up on it all-together

The Outdated Method

The traditional process required the following:

  • Sitting down with a drafter to complete the conceptual design and drawing.

  • Discussions with an engineer to ensure that the part can be manufactured practically and also ensure correct operation of the part.

  • Back to the drafter to generate manufacturing drawings.

  • Machine-shop for prototyping of parts and then back to the engineer and drafter for design changes.

  • You would then need to find investors to setup mass production.

The New Method

The new age process works differently with advancements in technology:

  • Consulting with an Engineer online to conceptualize your idea.

  • The idea gets designed as a 3d model and then simulated and animated to ensure that it operates correctly with no interference.

  • The 3d models get shared online in order to 3d print prototypes if required.

  • Photo realistic renderings can be made in order for advertising of the product.

  • Manufacturing drawings can then be generated and released for mass production, or a crowd funding campaign can be started, by being able to sell your proof of concept to your audience.

Nowadays the full process can be completed from home at a fraction of the cost and with minimal risk.

Its incredible thought of what would be possible if everyone out there could get their ideas made. Enquire now at Ideas Central

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